Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dan's 1970's Arctic by Stella

Dan brought in a much loved road bike to overhaul and make ride worthy.  Unfortunately, it had been sitting for quite some time and under the dirt and grime had a lot of corrosion. 

1970's era Stella Arctic

We did a little research on the Arctic by Stella and found that they were made for Actic Cat in the late 60-70's by Stella, a French bicycle company.  The venture into bicycles was not successful for Actic Cat, so they sold them off at a great price.  They were comparable to a Peugot UO8, BUT there were a few out there that had some built at a much higher level of quality.  Dan's is one of those.

He had a Campagnolo sew-up wheel set (which had been replaced), with Campagnolo derailleurs, shifters and cabling accessories. Lovely stuff.

Because it was not a restoration we did not repaint, nor did we buy new old stock to restore the bike to it's original condition.  BUT, we did a lot of TLC and saved what we could and swapped some of the corroded parts with affordable replacements. 

As Arctic Cat would say, "miles from nowhere is your everywhere".  Hoping Dan enjoys his miles on his Arctic Orange!

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