Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adam Remembers...

Adam brought in two bikes to be restored that have a story.  These bikes were owned by a married couple that worked at his elementary school when he was a kid.  Every morning he saw them pedaling, and YEARS later, when he had the opportunity he bought them.  Now he's restoring them so he and his wife can ride together...I can see them pedaling now...

Here's the Hollywood...BEFORE.

1967 Hollywood
Ladies Single Speed with Coaster Brake
Needin' a little Lovin'

Overall, the bike was in decent shape.  BUT it needed lots of elbow grease, polishing and a new paint job...

1967 Schwinn Hollywood
Lots of Rust

1967 Schwinn Hollywood
Dirty, Dirty, Dirty

1967 Schwinn Hollywood
Chainguard, Chain and Crank

1967 Schwinn Hollywood
Rear Wheel & Coaster Brake

Lots to do, lots to do...can't wait to see how it turns out!

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