Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Collegiate is Done and it is BEAUTFUL!!

Jan's bike is finished - and we loved the smile when she came to pick it up.

1968 Schwinn Collegiate Deluxe 5-speed
Ready to Ride the Lakes!

The chrome came out great...

 Chrome was rusty,
no fender
Chrome Restored
Headlight, Speedometer
& Fenders back on

Did we say the chrome came out great?...

Rusty Basket & Accessories
Chrome is Restored and Shiny

The generator and speedometer work, the paint is glistening...

Speedometer runs headlight and rear light,
snaps against wheel when in use

The speedometer needed a little TLC...
some insulation, cleaning, new hardware;
and takes a moment to track the speed
Not as accurate as a computer - but Jan can keep track
of her mileage as she tours the bike paths...

We are happy...and we think Jan is happy!
Life is good.

Jan's 1968 Schwinn Collegiate Deluxe 5-speed
Overhauled at Paul's Bike Shop
October 2010

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