Monday, March 12, 2012

My Blogger is Back!

Well, we've not blogged in a year. 
What were we thinking? We have had some fantastic bikes pass through the shop. 
Beautiful, aged, lots of character and of course very fun. 

20" Girls Vintage Hiawatha "ART BIKE"

To get back in the swing of things, we're gonna tell you     
about a "FUN" bike.  It's a girl's 20" Hiawatha.  But 
here's the thing.  It's been overhauled and then decoupaged!
Yes, decoupaged, not with paper, but with fabric. 
There are flower lugs and other little well as 
painted pedals.  Take a look, tell us what you think... 

Vintage Hiawatha:  Pedals, Fenders

Vintage Hiawatha Pedals & Chainguard

Note:  New tires, tubes, saddle, grips   chain.                     
The rest is vintage Hiawatha...overhauled, and ready to ride
by a discerning young lady that loves to be a little different!
Bottom Bracket with "Lugging"

  And Yes.  A Bike is Art Too!

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