Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Workin' on an Overhaul for Jan!

Jan loves her bike....

Schwinn Collegiate Deluxe
5-speed women's

 and when she found out she could buy a new comfort bike for almost the same price (in store stock on sale 20% off) she only hesitated a minute. 

1968 Schwinn Collegiate Deluxe
Serial # ED12883
      This is "HER" bike,
      and she loves it.

1968 Schwinn
Needs a little TLC

We are gonna make it shine,
put her accessories back on so
Jan can go get groceries,
ride along the river and
enjoy her favorite bicycle!

Baskets, fenders, generator light & reflector, speedometer

We are glad because it is, after all, a SCHWINN!

1968 Schwinn Collegiate Deluxe

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